Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Sun Printing

Last month we had an unexpected burst of sunny weather and on the spur of the moment I decided to do some sun printing. I had been talking about sun printing with some friends at the recent Waverley Patchworkers Quilt Show. I had mentioned that whenever I did sun printing the wind springs up and I find myself running around madly with rocks etc. trying to stop the fabric from blowing away.

My friend had a marvellous hint that made it so much easier. You get a cheap artist canvas and leave on the plastic wrapping. Then you have a firm surface to pin your fabric on. I just happened to have 3 artist canvasses from my painting days and decided to try it out. It made it so much easier. It was a firm surface to take outside, it stayed put even if there was a breeze and it was so easy to bring inside again.

Here are my sun printing experiments drying in the sun.

I had know idea what I wanted them for, I was purely trying it out and having some fun. I only had two colours of sun dye paint, green and yellow but you can use any watered down acrylic paint. Because it was a gentle winter sun, I thought I would stick to the sun dye paint.

Here are the results, I was very happy with them.

It was just a fun, spur of the moment experiment and I don't no what I'll do with them. They could make a good background for an art quilt where I could do further surface design on them. The fabric could also make good leaves for some applique.
The fabric is still nice and soft even though I used paint.

I am very happy with these sun dyes paints and will order some more colours.

Bye for now,


Robbie said...

Lovely!!!! Prints turned out quite nice!!!! Have you tried the Solar Fast? So much use a negative you print out from your printer!!! Love the effect...same as using your paints or Setacolor but you can print out a picture to sun print with.

Linda Steele said...

I haven't tried solar fast, I'll have to see where I can buy it, it sounds like something I would like. Thanks Robbie

jude's page said...

They look great, and you must have been lucky to strike a day with sun, as there has not been much of it lately! Hope you enjoyed your time at Ballarat.

Linda Steele said...

I was lucky to get a couple of sunny days last month, Jude. There haven't been any since.