Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Fibre Arts Winter School Preparation

Last year some friends and I decided to book into a week at the Fibre Arts Winter School in Ballarat. It seemed so far away when we first enrolled and now it is nearly time to go.

I haven't been a student in a class for many years so it will be change from teaching a class. At the moment I am trying to get my head around packing for the week and deciding what materials to take with me.

To help raise money for scholarships all students and tutors have been asked to make a 6" x 6" and 4' x 4" textile piece to be sold during the week for $15 and $10.

Because I have been doing a lot of seascapes lately, I thought I might as well stay with that theme.

I got out some hand painted fabric and ruled up the sizes for 3 little pieces.

Then I put some fusible web behind some fabric, cut out the shapes and fused them to the background fabric. I made them nearly all the same.

I even quilted them as one piece although I did change the quilting on each one to see which pattern I liked best.

This is what they looked like when I had finished them.

I have actually been a tutor at the Winter School in Ballarat before and I remember that you had to be quick to buy these little pieces because they were snapped up very quickly. It's a good way to get some work from an artist that you admire at a very low price.
Last time I was lucky enough to buy a little Caroline Sharkey work.

I'll look forward to writing all about my week in Ballarat in a couple of weeks. I do know to pack plenty of warm clothes because Ballarat in winter is very cold. Luckily the rooms are heated and warm.

Bye for now,


Robbie said...

Love your small seascapes!! And to get an opportunity to purchase would be an added benefit to the workshop/venue!! ENJOY!!!

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Robbie, I am leaving today and it seems there are going to be lots of people I know there. Should be a fun time.

jude's page said...

You will have a lovely time I am sure. I am off to Quilt Encounter in Adelaide in July, and looking forward to that.

Linda Steele said...

It's freezing cold in Ballarat at the moment Jude, much so that I went out and bought a small heater for my room. I hope QE is a bit warmer.

Gina E. said...

"I haven't been a student in a class for many years so it will be change from teaching a class"...well, I seriously doubt there is much that anyone can teach you, Linda! Still, you will have fun and that is always a key element of any workshop. Your seascapes are just darling, and I bet they will be among the first blocks to sell. I really appreciate the way you take the time here to explain how you achieve the effects on your quilts. I would love to try something like that one day, it sounds doable for me, lol!
If you have time when you are back home, have a peep at my blog and see what I have just finished. You get a mention :-)