Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Elements of Design- Space

The Waverley Art Quilters are studying the Elements of Design this year using the Sandra Meech book called Connecting Design to Stitch.

In May we were looking at Space and I don't mean the planets and astronauts!

The space around a shape is known as negative space. Varying negative space in a textile work is very important for creating an interesting composition.

For example, putting a row of tree in a landscape with the same space in between each one can look static and boring even if it is what you see in real life or a photo. Interest is created when the space between each tree is varied and some trees are in front or behind one another.

Varying the size or scale of an object in a composition also creates interest.

I drew up four different sketches of Pennant Coral Fish and chose the more interesting one that had varying shape size and a more interesting negative space.

I chose the top left sketch and made a little background for them with a pretty batik blue fabric and some batiks that looked like rocks.

When I usually create an art quilt, I add all the embroidery and embellishment before I baste and quilt but seeing as this is really only an exercise in space, I basted it and then sewed around all the shapes as part of the quilting. It is much quicker but I don't think the result is as nice.

Here is the finished quilt.

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