Tuesday, 30 August 2016

A Time for all Seasons- Winter

Here in Australia it is the last week of Winter and already we have been having some sunny days and new shoots are appearing on the bushes and the temperature is rising by a few degrees.

I loved working on the winter blocks on my latest quilt A Time for all Seasons.

Apparently if you click on the photos 3 times it enlarges them.

I did the snow block first even though we don't have much snow in Australia and none where I live, I still think of snow when I think of winter. I embroidered a little robin on a snowy branch and a reindeer and some pine-cones. I tried to think cool and icy when I was sewing it.

Winter Block- Snow

Winter detail

I had to be very careful when designing my blocks because it would have seen so easy to put trees in the centre of each one. So in the centre of the rain block I put a little frog who doesn't mind being out in the rain.I included a seagull and a turtle and even some lightning.

Winter Block- Rain
Frog detail

The last block in the winter section was actually a night scene because it was up the top at 12 o'clock and it was to signify the end of winter. I really love the little fox that I have wandering across the block, we have plenty of foxes around our neighbourhood. I also included a possum, bat and grasshopper.

Winter Block- Night 

Fox detail

Here is a photo of the winter corner. This photo was taken before I had finished the quilting because I notice that I haven't done the quilting inside the flowers yet. I'll have to take some more photos when I eventually get the quilt back.

Before I started the applique in the corners I did a test to see if I would fuse the flowers and blanket stitch around them or turn the edges.

Applique testing

I decided that I liked the texture and dimension that I got from the turned edges, so I used the water soluble applique paper and a glue stick to turn all the edges before I sewed them to the block. It made the applique process much easier.

Preparing the applique 

I tried to get a detail photo of the winter section in the centre of the quilt.

Looking at these blocks again makes me remember how much I enjoyed researching the seasons and making the blocks.

Bye for now,


Anonymous said...

I love your winter blocks

Linda Steele said...

Thank you, I really enjoyed making the winter blocks.