Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Waiting Game

At the beginning of the year we had the wonderful news that my second daughter Bec was expecting her first baby.
A couple of months later she and her husband had an afternoon tea for the family and when they cut the cake, it was blue inside!

We were all thrilled that little Savannah was going to have a boy cousin.

The months have gone by and we have watched Bec get bigger and we have been getting all the baby supplies together.

A couple of weeks ago we had the baby shower and it was a lovely gathering of family and friends.

I couldn't resist getting some photos with Savannah

Savannah is 20 months now, I wonder what she will think of her little boy cousin.

She hates getting her photo taken and won't look at the camera. If she is on a lounge suite, she puts a cushion in front of her face, so it's very hard for us to get photos of her.

I found a flannel Peter Rabbit panel in my cupboard, I think I bought it before Savannah was born and never used it.

I had to iron and baste it very carefully because the straight lines were slightly off. I used a walking foot on my machine to keep it nice and flat.

I only quilted it on the lines and around the motifs because I wanted to keep it as soft and fluffy as I could.

Hopefully my daughter will use it; the idea was that it was something soft she could put on her wooden floor when the baby has his tummy time.

So now we are all prepared and it is a waiting game. Only a week to wait, but it will seem a long time to my daughter, I bet.

Bye for now,


Michele Hill said...

Beatrix wonderful Linda!! It looks very cuddly. Thinking of you all xx

Sharon said...

Linda, I can't believe your grand daughter is 20 months already... But then again I can hardly believe my grand daughter is almost three... How exciting to have a new arrival...There is nothing like an impending birth to quicken heart and the breath of an 'expectant' grandmother ;) Your quilt looks just lovely - sewn with love and care... Look forward to hearing the big announcement... Thinking of you all x x

Linda Steele said...

I actually thought of you when I found the panel, Michele.xx

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Sharon, it is a happy time and I am always finding myself smiling and running to the phone when I get a message, in case it's the news that she has come early! You are right the time has gone quickly. Thanks for your comment. xx

jude's page said...

Looking forward to the exciting announcement!Lovely quilt.

Robbie said...

What an exciting time!!!! I can't believe my grands are 17 and 13 already!!! Yikes...that time sure goes by fast! Look forward to seeing pics. Good thoughts for easy delivery and everyone is well!

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Robbie, it is exciting, thanks for the good thoughts about the birth