Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Country Calls

It's been really hectic and busy at my place lately. There have been some trying times with three deaths within our close family and friends in the last two weeks. During that time we had a violent wind storm and we were without power for 42 hours. The nights were worst because it was so dark without even street lights for a glow around the house. We went out to dinner for both nights and took all our food from the fridge and freezer to our daughter's house, luckily she lives very close by and she has a spare fridge. I also went to her place for a shower and to wash my hair before one of the funerals.

Just before all this happened we found out that we had a drainage problem with cracked pipes and a blockage and part of our paving had to be dug up and repairs made to our drainage system. We had a plumber here for 5 days and it cost $8,000!

I feel as if we have come out on the other side of the drama and life is getting back to normal now.

The latest Quilters Companion Great Australian Quilts no. 7 has arrived at newsagents and I have a project in it called Country Calls.

Quilters Companion Great Australian Quilts no.7
The front cover features Sue De Vanny's fun emu project.

Quilters Companion contacted me earlier this year and asked me to make a crazy quilted wall hanging with an Australian theme.

Country Calls ©2016 Linda Steele
I used the motifs from my previous crazy quilts but I had to work quickly because magazines are always running to a tight schedule. I got it sent to them a couple of days before the deadline.

I included all the instructions for foundation piecing the background and a full size pattern but for some reason they didn't publish it and just wrote that knowledge of foundation piecing is assumed!

It is set out nicely and includes some close up photos over 7 pages of the magazine.

Here are some photos that I took of the project.

The magazine is good value with projects by Sue De Vanny, Deb Layt, Dijanne Cevaal and
 Margaret Rowe, who writes the Australian based quilting novels and as well as lots of other projects.

I am sure you won't be disappointed.

Bye for now,


nestki said...

I'm sorry things have been so rough. Why is it that everything seems to happen at once? At least there is the good news of your project being published now. Your work is always so beautiful and this wall hanging is exquisite!

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Nestki, it was a difficult few weeks, but I'm feeling well now. It does seem that everything happens at once sometimes.

Dorothy McKernan said...

Would it be possible to have the pattern for Country Calls, as this is one project I would love to make, when I was looking through my magazine.

Linda Steele said...

I am so glad that you love the project Dorothy. I have signed a contract with the magazine saying that I cannot release the pattern until 2 months after the publication date. If you are still interested next year, please send me an email. My email address is on my website. Thank you

Gina E. said...

Congratulations on having one of your beautiful patterns published. I'll grab a copy of the magazine at the newsagent here next week, if they have any left.
I empathise with your recent losses....we have lost three friends to cancer within two weeks this year.
As for the weather, it looks like mother nature hasn't finished with us yet! More wind and rain this weekend :-( Hope you don't have any more damage to your property.

Linda Steele said...

Hi Gina, it's strange how deaths often happen in threes. I am sick of this cold weather, I think that we are going to miss spring this year. Let's hope we get a summer