Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Elements of Design-Texture

All year the Waverley Art Quilters have been studying the Elements of Design using the Sandra Meech book Connecting Design to Stitch.

The last element to study was Texture. Texture is an important element in quilting and textile work, it can provide interest and variety and it can also add realism to a quilt.

There are two types of texture;

Tactile texture is how the cloth or surface feels; silk and wool are good examples of tactile texture.

I use a lot of tactile texture in my crazy quilts and my underwater quilts.

Under the Reef detail showing texture

Under the Reef starfish using wool and beads

Under the Reef detail, using silk for the blue fish

Visual texture is implied by the pattern on the fabric, especially fabrics that have rocks, stones, flowers and grasses printed on them.

Here is a photo of the background of one of my underwater quilts, the fabrics I chose have a lot of visual texture.

Under the Reef background
I have spent the last few months embroidering some coral texture onto felt for a future underwater quilt. It's quite amazing how long these little corals take to make.

Next year we are going to study the Principles of Design using the Sandra Meech book.

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jude's page said...

Very informative post, thankyou for the education

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Jude, our Art Quilter group is a great opportunity to explore these basic design elements, doing is a lot more educational than reading about it