Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Houston 2016

The big International Quilt Festival in Houston is over for another year. I wasn't there but I had two quilts on display, so I feel as if a part of me was over there.

My quilt A Time for all Seasons was in the Embellished section in the World of Beauty judged show. I wasn't lucky enough to win a prize this year.

A Time for all Seasons©2016 Linda Steele

I also made a small quilt for the Houston Quilt Show silent auction. I don't know if anyone bid on it yet, I hope so! I called it The Reef.

The Reef©2016 Linda Steele

The Best of Show quilt was won by Cynthia England with her quilt Reflections of Cape Town. It's an incredible picture quilt that is appliqued with hundreds of little pieces of fabric. She has done magnificent quilts before that are pieced but apparently this one is applique.

To see this quilt and the other winners go to the IQF website, I have included the link here.

Bye for now,


Gina E. said...

Hi Linda, thank you for the link to the IQF website. I enjoyed looking at all the prize winning quilts, but have to admit about half way through my eyes started to glaze over! Gosh, all that talent under one roof. IMHO, I liked best the Indian Chief and Silk Road. Would love to see Silk Road up close, it looked for all the world like a photo of piles of quilts or cushions, unbelievable work. Disappointing that your beautiful creation didn't win a prize, but I bet it was admired by everyone who saw it.

Linda Steele said...

Thank you Gina, I agree that there are so many beautiful quilts at Houston, I was absolutely amazed at the standard when I went there a few years ago. The lady that made Silk Road is coming to Melbourne for AQC next April, I hope she brings that quilt with her.