Tuesday, 29 November 2016

A Time for all Seasons- Autumn

I have written a blog post about every season in my quilt A Time for all Seasons except for Autumn.

I've always liked Autumn and love the colours although it's always a bit sad because I know that summer is over and we are heading toward winter. I enjoyed sewing the trees with their red and yellow leaves, it makes a great change from using green.


Autumn detail

I also made a block showing late autumn when the trees are becoming bare and everything is getting a bit cooler.

Late Autumn
Late Autumn detail

We get a lot of foggy mornings in Autumn and I tried to create a misty look using organza over the centre section of trees.

Autumn Fog
I think that I was only semi successful in creating fog and I plan to try again one day.

Fog detail
I had some geese flying away for the winter

Geese detail

I enjoyed making the autumn flowers for one of the corners.

Autumn Corner

Corner detail
This is the end of my blog posts about the different seasons in my quilt. If you missed any posts you can click on the links to read about the other seasons, Summer, Spring and Winter.

Bye for now,


Michele Hill said...

Absolutely beautiful and so clever Linda x

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Michele, I really enjoyed making the quilt

Renata Tesu said...

Very beautiful and inspiring

Linda Steele said...

Thank you Renata, I love the autumn colours and always think I should make an entire autumn coloured quilt.