Tuesday, 25 April 2017

AQC 2017- Challenge Quilts

I am home from the wonderful Australasian Quilt Convention or AQC as it is known. It was a wonderful four days of talking to friends, looking at quilts and shopping.

I took lots of photos so I thought I would separate the posts so it's not too long and boring for everyone.

Every year there is a challenge and this year's theme was Made in Australia- Flora and Fauna, as usual the quilts were amazing and it must be so hard to judge the winners.

The first prize went to Linden Lancaster with her quilt called Kangaroo and Wattle. There were so many different fabrics that made up the kangaroo face.

The second prize and also Viewer's Choice prize went to Jeanie Henry with her quilt Hello Possums!! I can't find a website for Jeanie but she is no stranger to prizes because she won first prize in last year's challenge. The possum is all free machine thread painted, it must have taken hours to sew.

There were many other lovely quilts in the challenge.

Night Moves by Sue de Vanny

Lorikeets Reflected by Eileen Campbell

Numbat-Made in WA by Janice Rowe

Capers in Wallum by Bernadine Hine

I was talking to Mariya Waters and so I took a photo of her with her quilt, the sun was very bright through the windows though.

Look at Me, Look at Me! by Mariya Waters

Up a Gum Tree by Helen Godden

Australia's Bouquet by Yvonne Chapman

Hanging Around by Gillian Shearer

In the Wild by Deb Layt

There were many more lovely quilts, I think that there were 31 altogether, they made such a great display.

There were two huge quilts by Velda Newman who was one of the tutors; I only took a photo of one of them unfortunately. There were people in front of the other one and I must have got distracted waiting for them to move and didn't get the photo. It would have been a good idea to take a photo with the people in front so you get an idea of the huge scale though.

Zinnia by Velda Newman

There were so many other quilts to see such as the Best of Australia quilts, Modern quilts direct from Quilt Con in the USA, quilts from Mexico, quilts from Taiwan, Art Quilt groups and Tutors quilts.

I'll show some photos of them in another post.

Bye for now,


Michele Hill said...

Your photos are fabulous Linda! SO good to see you even if it was so brief xx

Linda Steele said...

Thank you Michele, it was so good to see your smiling face as well.

Gina E. said...

Thank you for posting your photos here Linda, I really love seeing them, and appreciate your accompanying comments. I have sadly come to the conclusion that I will no longer be going to any of the big craft/quilt shows, as I need a walking stick to get around if I am on my feet for any longer than half an hour or so (and I refuse to contemplate buying a walker!!). I still hope to visit the smaller shows around the suburbs though, so I hope I don't miss it when you announce the next Waverley Patchworkers show :-)

jude's page said...

Thankyou for the quilt show, lovely photos.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Jude, I am glad that you enjoyed seeing them

Linda Steele said...

Hi Gina, I am sorry to hear that you are using a walking stick now. I have a friend who has started to use a frame and she doesn't feel confident going to the bigger shows either. She is happy going to the smaller quilt shows. Look forward to seeing you at the Waverley Quilt Show next year!

Charlotte Scott said...

thanks for sharing pics. I wish I could get to every show, but when people share at least we get a taste!

Linda Steele said...

I am glad you enjoyed the photos Charlotte, every year those challenge quilts are so good.