Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Quilters Color Club

I have the book by Christine Barnes called The Quilters Color Club.

Christine Barnes knows a lot about colour, I also have another book of hers plus I receive her newsletter by email.

I have set aside this year as a year of experimentation and maybe a change of direction and so I decided to do the colour exercises in Christine's book.

I must admit that I already know a lot about colour and the colour wheel but I am sure there is even more to learn.

Christine writes about a colour group and then suggests an exercise, she recommends that you do the exercises with a group because that way you find even more colour combinations and that would be good but for now I am a group of 1!

She also recommends that you use an easy quilt block and attach the fabric with a glue stick. Super easy.

The first exercise I did was about Value.

Dark values come forward and light values usually recede, you can see that with the different value star points.

Next I had to make a block with all warm colours and all cool colours.

Warm and Cool
Christine suggests that all warm can be a bit aggressive and all cool can seem too cold.

We then had to remake the blocks but adding one cool fabric to the warm block and one warm fabric to the cool block.

Warm and Cool plus one
Apparently people prefer a mix of temperatures; a touch of the opposite temperature makes the quilt more balanced and interesting.

The next subject was Intensity; we had to make an intense or bright block and a low intensity or dull block.

High Intensity colours come forward and low intensity colours recede although value can over-ride intensity.

It didn't take long to make up the blocks and actually it was fun.

I'll have to make time to continue with the book.

Bye for now,

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