Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Busy Life

For some reason the middle of the year is always super busy. I have two quilt deadlines coming up. I have to make an improv quilt for a Nancy Crow exhibition and I also want to make a quilt for the next AQIPP exhibition. AQIPP stands for Australian Quilts in Public Places and it runs every two years. This year the theme is reflections.

I've started working on the improv quilt first and I feel really out of my comfort zone. The idea is to have no pattern or sketch and just put up fabric and let the quilt tell you what needs to happen next. Very scary. Its an abstract contemporary and I doubt whether it will become my thing but at least I am having a go!

Here's how I have started.

Who knows how it will end up!

I have also been doing a photography course. In the second lesson we were learning about using Aperture Priority mode and I took this photo for my homework. The teacher is a tough critic but thankfully he approved of this one.

I am also doing yet another Photoshop course which has a lot of homework and I am doing a yoga class once a week. I know that I take on too much but I am keen to learn and improve as much as I can.

I am still President of Waverley Patchworkers, which is wonderful and a privilege but it is also a responsibility.

Speaking of Waverley Patchworkers, we have our Quilt In on Saturday June 17th and all visitors and friends are welcome for a day of sewing, fun and chatting.

As well as being busy with my quilting I still have time for my dear little grandchildren.

Dear little Savannah is two and a half now, where did that time go? Here she is all dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast for Book Week.

Jack is nine months old already, she such a good, placid boy.

I've had the good news that my quilts have been accepted for the Sydney Quilt Show, so they are ready to be posted off.

So life is non-stop busy but I am lucky to be able to have such a wonderful life.

Bye for now,


Gina E. said...

Lucky? Well, I guess some people would think you are lucky, but to me luck is something that happens without working for the result, like a lotto win. You work very hard at all the challenges and projects you set yourself, therefore you are well deserving of the good things in life that come with hard work. You inspire many people (including me) to try things that they may not have considered doing otherwise. A very special lady {{hugs}}

Linda Steele said...

Thank you Gina, how kind you, I love the idea that I might be an inspiration for some people.