Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Spots and Dots

I've started collecting fabrics with spots, actually I have always loved spots but have usually collected batiks with spots. Now I've started to collect normal, cotton fabrics with spots and have been teaming them with some bright colours.

I'd been trawling the internet trying to get certain colour spots and then it occurred to me that I could have any colour spot I wanted if I coloured them myself. I have a collection of Fabrico markers and black fabric with white spots.

There's been so much unhappy news in the world these days that I felt like doing something different and happy. It has been so much fun playing with these fabrics.

The fabrics look so much better when cut into different shapes.

Here are a couple of blocks that I have designed so far.

I actually needed some hand work while I watched TV and went to my sewing groups so that was another reason for designing these blocks. I didn't realise that I would enjoy them so much. I am planning to add some embroidery as well.

Don't worry, be happy!

Bye for now,

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