Tuesday, 18 July 2017

On the Prowl

I completed a new quilt in my coral reef series and I called it On the Prowl. The quilt is all about Lion Fish and how they trap smaller fish against the rocks and kill them with their poisonous spines.

On the Prowl ©2017 Linda Steele

I find it incredible that such a beautiful fish can be so dangerous. When the Lion Fish appear,  the small fish dart everywhere trying to get away from them.

I actually started this quilt at the beginning of the year just for some fun while my sewing machine was being repaired.

I was looking back at the photos of how I started it and sometimes it's amazing to see how I start and wonder how I ever got it done. Sometimes it's just persistence.

Here is a photo of me trying to replicate a cave.

It doesn't look like a very promising start does it? I actually painted over the background water fabric because the original fabric had too many colour variations and wasn't quite dark enough for deep in a cave.

Here I am trying to find the correct fabrics for the rocks. I must have made the fish first because I knew that they would be the focus of the quilt.

Auditioning rock fabrics
Here are some close-up photos of the Lion fish. I used organza for their fins to give a more delicate look.

Lion Fish
 Finally another detail photo of the top right corner, apart from some colonial knots all the coral detail is done by machine.

On the Prowl detail

I enjoyed making this wall hanging, it size is 42" wide and 28" long.

Bye for now,


Robbie said...

What a wonderful piece, linda!!! And I love seeing how you started and progressed on the piece! Thanks for sharing!!!

Pam said...

I was one of the many people who were lucky enough to see this at the recent Sydney Quilt Show and take a photo of it as well.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Robbie, it's interesting for me to look back on how I made it. Thank goodness I take some photos.

Linda Steele said...

Thank you Pam, I didn't get to Sydney this year and I love that you noticed it.

jude's page said...

Looks great, and thanks for the insight into your process.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks for stopping by again Jude, I do enjoy making my coral reef series quilts