Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Rhythms 3 Returned

My quilt called Rhythms 3 has returned from the New Zealand exhibition; it's always nice when a quilt returns home.

As well as the quilt I received a copy of the catalogue that was available to buy at the show.

The book contains a photo and a write up of everyone in the exhibition as well as full size photos of the quilts.

Here is the page about me.

The exhibition was for students of Nancy Crow, I did two weeks of classes with Nancy earlier this year and you can read all about it here.

The quilt was a very different style for me and while I enjoyed making it and quilting it, I am not sure if I am passionate about making any more of them. Contemporary quilts are certainly not mainstream. It was interesting that I got quite a few comments on Facebook from people saying how much they loved my quilt in New Zealand but they were talking about my Life in the Reef quilt not my contemporary one.

Nancy Crow is coming back to do two more weeks of classes in advanced design in 2019. She will only accept pupils who have done classes with her before. If you come to the class you must come with 50 small quilt tops showing some original designs. That is a lot of work! One every week for a year and everyone knows how quickly a year goes and how busy it gets. I'd be preparing for a year and would hardly have time for any other sewing!

I must decide by early next year because there is a waiting list for the classes.

Decisions, decisions

Bye for now,

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