Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Quilt finished, new furniture and a touch of Liberty

I made a commitment to exhibit a quilt in January 2019 in New Zealand for the students of Nancy Crow exhibition. We had an exhibition in 2017 and this one is to show how we have gone on to find our own voice after the classes.

I have had such a busy year with absolutely no spare time until recently. It's hard to believe that I started making this quilt in September and it had to be 2m square (79" square). I sewed every spare chance I had and managed to quilt it in 13 days. Mind you it nearly killed me and my hands were swollen and aching. I cannot show you the quilt yet but here is a picture of me quilting it.

I realised that I had overdone it and so had to have a break from sewing and give my hands, arms and shoulders time to recover.

I had won a lovely prize at the Victorian Quilters Showcase and hadn't had a chance to redeem it. So here was my chance. I had won an $800 voucher from Horn cabinets and they had given me a booklet of their products for me to choose from.

Horn Australia Furniture Catalogue 

I chose two chests of drawers, a wide one and a narrower thread storage chest.

Not long after I ordered them they arrived. They actually arrived flat packed and my husband took most of the day to build them for me.

 I love them and they are already filled with supplies and my sewing room has been reorganised a bit to fit them in. They are a really good quality and I am so grateful to Horn Cabinets for such a generous prize.

I also received another prize of 6 months' supply of Liberty Fabrics from The Strawberry Thief.  Here is where I have to confess that I have never bought any Liberty Fabric before but I know many people who absolutely love them.

I have received 3 months' supply so far and I was amazed at the wonderful quality of the fabric. This is why people love Liberty fabric!

Liberty Fabrics

Every month I also receive a chart telling me the names of the fabrics I have received.

Now I'll have to design a quilt using these gorgeous fabrics. I think I have a glimmer of an idea of what I could do with them; I'll wait until I receive the entire 6 months' supply first.

Thank you to both sponsors Horn Cabinets and The Strawberry Thief . You have made me very happy.

Bye for now,


Robbie said...

Congrats on your 'wins'...the cabinets look wonderful!!!! Look forward to seeing the finished quilt!!! Hope the body has recovered!

Linda Steele said...

Thank you Robbie,
I am feeling better and so glad that it's finished and posted off to the exhibition.

jude's page said...

congrats on your wins, the horn furniture is great, I have received 2 cutting tables over the years, and use them both.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Jude, I still love those Horn cabinets, I had some friends over yesterday and was showing them how wonderful they are