Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Happy 2020

We are only 3 weeks into 2020 and I have had a busy but fun time.
We had a lovely family Christmas but on the 1st of Jan it was time for my youngest son Cam to go back to Japan. He has been teaching English over there and his 12 months will be up at the end of March. Then he will come home again. He is enjoying living in Japan but he says he is ready to get on with his life in Australia now. Here I am saying goodbye to Cam at the airport.

On the 4th of Jan it was my father in law's 90th birthday, so the family minus Cam were back together again.

I had a lovely day with my two daughters and 3 grandchildren at Chelsea beach.

The flyers arrived from Vista Print to advertise my upcoming solo exhibition in Kyabram.

My phone kept going flat and I had to start charging it twice a day! It was time to gt a new phone and I got the I Phone 11 which I really love.

It takes wonderful photos. We have had terrible bush-fires here in Australia over the summer. Luckily I live in Melbourne and was at least 3 hours drive away. We did have some horrible smoke haze for a few days. Luckily, a cool change arrived which helped the fire fighters get the fires under control. One minute is was really hot and next minute we had a hail storm.

I took the photo above with my new phone and was pleased with how it photographed the hail.

I love everything about my phone except for one thing that I had heard nothing about before. Apple have changed the photos to a Heic file and Windows computers do not recognise that type of file!!
I was shocked when I uploaded my photos to the computer and they were all blank. I Googled it and had to download an app that lets Windows PC open the photos.
Then I tried to open the photos in Photoshop where I crop and resize my photos, to find that Photoshop cannot open a Heic file either. Then I had to download another program that changed the photos to a jpg!

I do not know why Apple decided to be so difficult. Anyway, that's the only drawback to my new phone.

I also planned the program for Waverley Art Quilters this year, it's all about working in a series, that should be fun and hopefully successful.

I have been busy sewing as much as I can and well as socialising with the grandchildren. I have had good news too and have successfully got into 3 exhibitions. I tell more about that in my next post.

My calendar is already pretty full for this year but I can handle it! Here's to a good 2020.

Bye for now,


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Congratulations on getting into three exhibitions! Well deserved. Hearing about your trials with your new phone just reinforces my sticking with my good ol' flip phone. I so rarely use the thing and mainly just keep it for roadside emergencies and find the new phones quite mysterious (and downright scary!!). Mine will take pictures but it's a complete befuddle as to how I might ever get them transferred to the computer.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks, actually now I have downloaded those programs to convert the photo files, they are automatically changing to jpgs, so that worked. Putting your phone photos onto the computer is easy. You just connect your phone to the computer with a USB port and the charging cable.

Robbie said...

So glad you had such a wonderful time with family!!! Makes the holidays just so very special!!!! Amazing how 'techy' we get as we get older! HA Do what we have to do, right!

Linda Steele said...

So true Robbie, you just learn as you go along and find out what you need with technology.

jude's page said...

Great post Linda, some lovely times. Can't believe it it almost end of the first month of the year. And technology does take some keeping up with doesn't it? Always a learning curve about something new.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Jude,
January has flown by so quickly, it's amazing how quilting is keeping me up to date with technology. They say learning new things is good for our brain!