Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Crazy Quilted Christmas Decorations

 I have finally finished the crazy quilted decorations that I made for the Christmas swap. I have never made anything like this before, so I was making it up as I went along. Ho hum, at least I did it, I suppose.

Here they are when they were just halves, I have laced them over cardboard circles with some batting for padding. 

I didn't have the correct beads for the tassels and because the shops were all closed, I had to order on-line and wait for a couple of weeks for them to arrive.

I placed the halves together and slip stitched them closed. I tried to do a picot edging at first.

It was taking ages and my thread kept getting tangled into the beaded tassel. I suddenly realised that I wouldn't have enough beads to complete the edge.

Luckily, the shops had just been allowed to open, so off I went with my green beads and they didn't have that colour!!

I had to unpick the beading that I had done and start again, but it was so annoying and the beads looked a bit small and out of proportion and the larger beads I had looked too big. I did put a row of clear beads around the white one but in the end, I just added some braid around the edge of the others.

Here's side one all finished.

Here is the other side.

At least they are done and ready to post, I hope whoever gets them is not disappointed. 

That is the end of my Christmas decoration career!

I was pleased to receive a copy of the Oz Quilts Australia Wide 7 catalogue and find that my quilt was on the cover.

My quilt is the one on the top right. The exhibition is coming to Melbourne next year, so it will be good to see them all.

Bye for now,



Magpie's Mumblings said...

First of all - congratulations on being the 'cover girl'! And, my crazy quilter heart, does love your ornaments. If I were still making ornies I would make some too. I have retired from making ornaments after having made a series of over 20 every year for probably close to 30 years. There comes a time when enough is enough!

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Magpie Mumblings, I hope whoever gets mine likes them. I can't believe that you made so many Christmas ornaments. I think I felt pressured because they are going to someone else, I wouldn't mind if I was keeping them for myself.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I actually tried several times over all those years to bow out of making ornaments for everybody and there was such a hue and cry over it that I ended up carrying on. I finally put my foot down a couple of years ago and flatly refused to make any more.

Linda Steele said...

How funny Magpie Mumblings, I hope no one suggests making ornaments next year!