Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Fresh Fish-SAQA

 Last year, SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Associates) put out a call for fish or fish quilts for an exhibition in Florida USA. It was actually more than textile fish, they also wanted poets to explore underwater life. It sounded like a perfect challenge for me, so I made a thread painted fish. 

My fish

I put him or her on a fabric to photograph but it is actually free standing not attached to a background.

You can read about it here.

A selected number of artists and poets were included in a book called Fresh Fish and I was thrilled to be accepted. My copy of the book has arrived.

Fresh Fish Book

Here is my fish on page 72.

My fish on page 72.

My fish is with a poem called Longshore Workers by Phyllis Wax from Wisconsin.

I received another book in the mail; every year I publish my blog posts from the previous year. It's actually a really handy resource for me as I often look up my blog books to remember how I did something or where a quilt was exhibited. 

My blog book for 2020 is here, I am amazed I wrote many blog posts at all because after my solo exhibition on March, we were locked down for most of the year. Somehow, I managed to carry on and keep busy though.

Blog Book 2020

Bye for now,



Magpie's Mumblings said...

Congratulations to you and your fish for being published! That's exciting!!
Good idea too to have your blog posts published. I often think how upset I'd be if my blog disappeared forever - all that information would be lost.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Magpie Mumblings, you should look into getting your blog posts printed. Blog2print make it so easy.

jude's page said...

It was funny when I clicked onto your blog and saw the blog book, I thought it was mine!! Then realised we both have the same cover colour and design on our 2020 books! THey are a great resource and I often have to look up to see what year something in my life occurred.

Linda Steele said...

Hi Jude, I noticed that we had chosen the same cover as well. I try and change it every year, although there are not many colours available. I often use them to refresh my memory though! It is a sort of diary. Maybe my children will be interested one day.