Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Sun printing

 We had a couple of days of sunny weather last week. It is the middle of winter and it wasn't warm but I thought I would grab the chance to do some sun-printing to prepare for an upcoming project I have in mind.

Here are some leaves sitting on some fabric waiting for some magic to happen.

Sun Printing with leaves

I want the fabric for a nature inspired quilt so I didn't want the fabrics to be too bright.

Here is the result of that fabric.

Sun printing result

After I had removed the leaves, I painted over with some yellow paint and then I added some olive green paint to make it more nature inspired rather than bright.

I also painted a fabric and left it in the sun with loose folds, once again I painted it twice for a stronger effect.
Sun printing with folds

I wanted to use up all my left over paint, so I put a stencil on some fabrics.

Sun printing with stencil

That was a very clear print, I think I'll be able to use them as applique in my project.

Some of my sun prints didn't have enough texture on them so I decided to add some flour resist. I hadn't done any flour resist since last year but luckily I could look up my old blog post to remember how I did it.

Here is my post on Flour Resist from last year.

I cracked the first one a bit too much and so the lines got a bit thick.

Sun printing and flour resist

I actually just gently tapped the stiffened flour on the back next to get a finer result.

Flour resist

Next I put some flour resist on plain white fabric, thinking I could paint it later in whatever colour I wanted. I was very gentle with the cracking this time and the lines were very fine.

Very fine flour resist

I think I will be able to use these fabrics in my upcoming quilt, I hope so anyway. I am trying something new this time, inspired by my recent collage work. I want to transfer what I have learned on paper to fabric.

Bye for now,



Robbie said...

Your prints turned out lovely!!! They'll be great as background and/or even as main focal fabrics! Thanks for sharing!

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Robbie, I have started using my sun printed fabrics and I am really happy with them

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I tried sun printing once - bought a kit and liked the results but haven't repeated the process. As I recall mine were blue which is what was in the kit. What sort of paint do you use for yours?

Linda Steele said...

There is a blue type of sun printing called Cyanotype which is slightly different, Magpie Mumblings. I use Sun Dyes which is a watery acrylic fabric paint made in Australia. But any watered down fabric paint will work.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think my kit must have been the cyanotype version because it was blue. Interesting to know that it can be done with simple fabric paint.

Linda Steele said...

I have never tried cyanotype printing before, but I love the results that others have had. Maybe one day?