Tuesday, 3 August 2021

Digital Cloth Magazine

 I am one of the artists featured in the on-line magazine called The Digital Cloth issue 8. It is a great art textile magazine produced by Australian textile artist Caroline Sharkey. 

The Digital Cloth issue 8

I was very honoured to be included because there are always so many wonderful artists featured. I speak mostly about my Coral Reef series of quilts. The magazines are jammed packed with lots of photos and articles by various artists from countries around the world and not very expensive either.  A great value e-magazine.

I have done a couple of other articles for different groups lately. One is coming out this month for my local quilting group, Waverley Patchworkers monthly newsletter. I also did an article for our Oceania SAQA group about my studio. It's not really a studio, I took over the rumpus room when my children grew up. I really love being in that room though. 

Before I took over the rumpus room, I used to use my larger than normal laundry, now I use that area for dyeing and  preparations for sun printing.

Wet studio

The funny thing is, I took some photos and was disappointed at how messy my room looks when I am in the middle of creating a quilt. So I had to tidy up and take the photos again!

Here is where I do my designing at one end of our old table tennis table. I use the table tennis table for basting my quilts.

Design area

I have two sewing machines set up all the time and I work from one to the other.

Sewing machine area

I have one wall of cupboards for all my fabrics. Here is a photo of one of the double cupboards.

I sort my fabrics by type and colour.

That's a sneak peak into where I spend my days. I am really busy trying to get a quilt done for AQIPP (Australian Quilts in Public Places). It is a juried exhibition that is on every 2 years and entries are due next month! The theme this time is Where in the World. I didn't have an idea of what to do for ages and in the end I thought of two ideas. I only have time to make one though.

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Congrats on being published again! Never ceases to be a thrill I know. I really enjoyed peeking into your creative space and seeing the last picture has given me a possible idea for mine. I've been wrestling with my stash of crazy quilt fodder which currently takes up the entire bottom right half of the double closet in my sewing room. I'm out of love with crazy quilting (I still like it, but don't want to do it any more) and now have a passion for landscapes which require whole different types of fabric. Seeing your shelf set up and the container system has given me food for thought. Maybe, just maybe, I'll bestir myself and take the proverbial plunge and purge the 'fancies' and sweet talk DH into using his non-existent tools to make me new shelving. Hmmm.....

Linda Steele said...

We are in the same boat, Magpie Mumblings. I still love crazy quilting but don't want to do it anymore. I am not ready to get rid of all those Crazy Quilt supplies though.

jude's page said...

Thanks for a peak into where you work. I always say that you can't be creative and tidy at the same time, so don't stress about the untidy photos!

Linda Steele said...

I agree, Jude, once I tried to design a quilt and it wasn't working and I realised that I had to get out a lot more supplies to work from.