Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Wonder of Eyes

 Last week the curator of the Wonder of Eyes quilt swap Brenda Gael Smith organised a fun Zoom event to distribute the quilts. 

This exhibition was supposed to be displayed at the Australasian Quilt Convention last year, but of course that was cancelled. Sadly, this year's event will probably not take place after being postponed twice, so it was time to distribute the quilts.

Brenda is very clever with all things computer and she arranged a wheel with photos of all the quilts on the outside. Whenever the wheel stopped the next entrant on her list got the quilt. Only once did a person get her own quilt and the wheel had to spin again.


It was fun to watch and good to see some familiar quilting faces again even though it was only on-line.

My Peacock quilt went to Cindy who lives in the USA.

I won a quilt named Reflection by Catherine McDonald from New Zealand.

Reflection by Catherine McDonald

On the back she wrote, 'Sometimes reflecting back on events your memory is blurred regarding details. I have tried to show the reflection in the eyes being a bit blurred rather than crisp'.

The other news is that 2 of my grandchildren had their birthdays, Jack turned 5 and Anna turned 3. Just like last year we are in lockdown and their parties were cancelled. We bought a little bike for Anna and left it at their door. Apparently, she absolutely loves it. We bought some Lego and a transformer toy for Jack but I didn't get a photo of them, but he was just as thrilled. Hopefully, they can have a party next year!!

Bye for now,



Magpie's Mumblings said...

What a fun concept to spin a wheel - I've never heard of that being done before. (well, I've heard of spinning wheels of course...but not in this way!!!)
Your 'grands' are about the same age as ours - we have a 7, 5 (in a couple of weeks), a little one that will be 2 in January....all boys....and a little girl due to arrive in January.

Linda Steele said...

Hi Magpie Mumblings, I'd never seen the on-line wheel before, we were like kids watching it go around. The grandchildren are such a lovely age, although exhausting, so lucky have them live close by. How lucky to have a girl due after three boys.

Robbie said...

What a great idea for that project!!! Clever!!! Lucky USA lady who won your quilt!!!

Linda Steele said...

Thank Robbie, I hope she likes it. When we made those quilts, we had never heard of Covid 19.