Wednesday, 7 March 2012


When I finish a quilt I always make sure that I put a label on the back no matter how small and insignificant the quilt is.

When I first started quilting I never bothered much. It seemed like too much trouble and I was always eager to get on with the next quilt. This was a problem when I had my quilt exhibition at the Victorian Quilters Showcase last year. The organisers wanted me to show some of my earlier quilts including my very first quilt. I had to go to a lot of trouble working out the year I made the quilts and because I used patterns in the early days I had to find out who the designer was and I also had to measure the quilts.

This would have been so much easier if only I had taken the trouble to put a label on the back.

Now I write my labels in Word and then print them on Inject fabric sheets. The fabric is specially treated so that the label or photo is waterproof and fade proof.

The fabric has a high thread count so the print is very clear but this means that it can be hard on the fingers to hand sew. I always put a fabric border around the outside to make the hand sewing easy.

On my little Art Quilts for the Waverley Art Quilters I usually just write my name and the date that I made it. I make another label which tells all about the subject that we studied as well.

On my other quilts I always write the quilt title, my name, address and phone number and the size of the quilt and the year I finished it.

If I give a quilt to someone I include the washing instructions and when I did the label for our raffle quilt I included the names of all the people that helped on the quilt.

I often wait until I have a few labels to do and print them all at once so I don’t waste the printer fabric. Then I have them ready to take with me when I have a sewing day at a friend’s place because it is easy sewing and you don’t need to worry if the light is good enough etc.

So when you finish a quilt don't forget the label!

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