Wednesday, 5 June 2013


I have been very busy lately with my teaching. Last month I taught my Beyond Beginners Quilting class at Wonga Park Community House and we were so busy that I forgot to take any photos but they were a lovely group of ladies that I first met last year in  my beginners class. They had obviously been practising because they did some lovely work in the class.

On the Mother's Day weekend I taught at the Phillip Island Patches Weekend. This time I taught a two day Crazy about Australia class. The Phillip Island Retreat is very famous for being a friendly and fun time and this year was no exception. It was an extra special year because they have been going for 25 years! They had a silver theme to celebrate the 25 years and there were a few extra treats added to the weekend to celebrate.

At the Saturday night dinner people were encouraged to dress up in silver and here is a photo of myself and some friends in silver.

All the tutors had to pick some favourite outfits and so here is a photo of the winners and the tutors.

My Crazy about Australia class all worked very hard and did some beautiful stitching. The one thing about sewing by hand is that it is slow and so I provided a kit for the crazy piecing this time so we could have more time for doing the embroidery.

Crazy about Australia Class

We had a lovely time and the weather was very warm for May. We were well fed with delicious meals and snacks, the committee had worked very hard to make sure that everyone had a wonderful time.

Tutors and Committee

At the special Mother's Day breakfast we were all given a silver pen with a little torch on the end with Phillip Island Retreat printed on it.

We were also given a bag full of fabric, thread, ribbon and sewing accessories, unfortunately I can't show you a photo because I was being too efficient when I arrived home and packed everything away before I could take a photo.

Thank you to the wonderful committee, tutors and students for making my time at Phillip Island so enjoyable.

Last weekend I taught at the Cohuna retreat but this post is long enough, so I'll write about that tomorrow.

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