Saturday, 20 September 2014

Alexia Sinclair

I have been a big fan of photographer Alexia Sinclair for a few years now; ever since I saw television program about her.

Alexia Sinclair is an Australian photographer who has such a romantic, artistic and fantasy style of photography. I often  gaze at her wonderful series of photos with complete awe. Please click on the link I have put on her name, Alexia Sinclair to see her website and her wonderful photographs.

Earlier this year I received a newsletter from her to say that she had decided to release a limited edition print of one of her photos to raise money for a new camera. I didn't hesitate long and quickly put my name down for one. It was like a dream come true for me.

I have recently had it framed and I will confess that the framing wasn't cheap because I ordered museum glass so there is no reflection. I have it hanging in my family room, so I see it every day.

Cabinets of Curiosity by Alexia Sinclair
Believe me when I say that my photo does not do it justice.

You can see a short video about the making of the photo by clicking on the link below.

The making of Cabinets of Curiosity

If I could ever make a quilt like that I would be very happy.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't museum quality glass the most fabulous stuff. I have a lovely piece of Ivory, which was bought from Burma in 1920, behind it and the carving is always visible, without any reflections. I agree it was expensive but worth every cent as I pass it every time I walk into our bedroom and admire it most times I pass.

Linda Steele said...

I was surprised how different museum glass was, it looks as if there is no glass and you can put your finger right through to the print.

elliek said...

What a beautiful photo and I watched the video. Amazing!

Linda Steele said...

I am so glad that you enjoyed the video, Elliek, I also think that it is amazing.