Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Round Robin- Glenda's Blocks

I have been participating in a Round Robin with the online group the Southern Cross Crazies. We all had to make six, 6" crazy patchwork bases and send them off to the next person on the list. Most people give details of what sort of theme or colours they would like for their blocks.

The last set of blocks I received were from Glenda and she wanted lots of lovely flowers or a garden theme if I remember correctly.

Because I was the last person to work on Glenda's blocks I didn't have a choice of bases, I had to work on the one that was left.

Glenda's base block
I didn't want to repeat the flowers that the others in the Round Robin had done, so I tried to make it a bit different.

Here is the finished block.

Glenda's block by Linda
Here are a few detail photos so you can see the stitching better.

I also took some photos of the blocks that other people in the group did for Glenda.

They are all beautiful aren't they? Because of I been a member of this group for a few years now, I can recognise the different quilter's styles and know who did the blocks without looking at the names.

That's the end of the Round Robin for this year and although I have enjoyed participating, it is still time consuming and I am enjoying getting on with my own work now.

I'll show you the crazy blocks that I have received back in another post.

Bye for now,


jude's page said...

Your work is beautiful, and hand work and hours involved is just mind boggling! Well done.

Dawn said...

Love your choice of flowers plus the different techniques you use. One day I will have a go in a round robin but I think I need plenty of practice first. Thanks for inspiring me

Linda Steele said...

Thankyou Jude and Dawn, you don't need any practice Dawn, that's the beauty of Crazy Quilting, you just start and keep adding until it looks right.

Lorraine said...

Lovely stitching Linda. They all turned out beautifully. Obviously a very talented group.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Lorraine, it is nice to be able to see other peoples stitching up close.