Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Crazy Quilting with Silk Fabric

I am making a new crazy quilt and I am using silk fabric for the bases. Silk works well for crazy patchwork and gives a subtle glow to the blocks. When I use cotton fabrics I have no problem marking the occasional guidelines for the stitches using a blue water soluble marker or white chalk pencil depending on the colour of the block.

Base block using silk fabric

I cannot usually use markers on silk though because the silk seems to resist the marks and they don't show up or the silk seems to retain the mark after I have erased it.

In the past I have occasionally used a product called Tiger Tape, which is a masking tape with printed lines on it but I found that it had too many marks and was just confusing.

I had the bright idea to use some blue painters tape and mark lines a half an inch apart on one side and three quarters an inch on the other side. It worked really well and because I don't usually mark the stitches very often, the same piece of painters tape has lasted for months.

Stitch guide using painters tape
Here are some cute little birds I ended up putting on the block in the first photo.

Bye for now,


Lorraine said...

Great idea on the masking tape Linda! Your new CQ looks lovely :)

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Lorraine, I was surprised how easily it worked.

Gina E. said...

Gouldian Finches!!! We breed those little birds! Where did you find the pattern for them, Linda?

Linda Steele said...

They are supposed to be Rainbow Lorikeets, Gina!! I drew them myself.