Thursday, 18 December 2014


At the beginning of this year I looked around my house and decided that it needed a bit of updating. We built this house 21 years ago and that was before I started or had even heard of quilting.

Once quilting took over my life I hadn't given the house or decorating a second thought. It was time for a change.

I started with the family room which had been a salmon pink colour. We painted the walls a creamy white and gave away our lounge suite. When I ordered new furniture and curtains I had the bright idea of keeping everything a neutral palette and using colour for the accessories, that way I could change the colour when I wanted.

The funny thing is that after I had changed everything I realised that I had lived with the room the same way for 21 years and had never taken a photo of it. It was too late for a photo and I could only see snippets of the way the room had been by looking in the background of some family photos. The photo below looks a bit bare because I had already taken away the old accessories.

The old style room

When I first suggested the idea to my family they liked it but said that I would never be bothered changing it! That made me more determined.

For winter I went with a red theme and I picked up red things here and there that were mostly on special so it really didn't cost very much.

I especially loved how I could use my red quilts to decorate the walls for the first time. I really enjoyed the having a change.

Summer is here now in Australia and so it was time for a colour change and I packed away the red accessories and chose a cooler teal theme.

My quilt, Star Crazy that is behind where I sit and sew every night is not teal but I think I get away with the blue quilt.

We also repainted and got new blinds and bed covers for our bedroom and next year we plan to do the bathrooms and the kids bedrooms.

It didn't take much effort to make the change and it feels so much better.

Do you use your quilts for decorating?

Bye for now,


Dawn said...

Oh Linda, what a wonderful change to your family room. I love the way you can now change colours to coordinate with your quilts after all they are the centre piece!! Maybe I might just do the same, as they say "a change is as good as a holiday".

Robbie said...

I really like the new look!!! And changing colors makes it seem like a whole new area!!!
Yes, my quilts are ALL over the house! Actually, in every room! If not on the wall(s), on the tables (dining and LR)! Hubby encourages them to be laying around or on a wall!! Who knew!

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Dawn and Robbie, it doesn't take much to change over the colours and I really like it. I could take it a step further and change for autumn and spring as well! My husband likes the quilts around the house as well, Robbie.

Gina E. said...

I also display my quilts wherever I can, there are two on the couch, and several on the walls in different rooms. I do change them around, but not to suit the seasons, as we don't have the kind of house that would lend itself to that, due to the MOTH's taste in furnishing, lol!
I know a lot of Americans change their decor with the seasons and festival such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, but I don't think I'd have the energy to do that all the time! Looks great though.

Linda Steele said...

I had often thought of doing something over the years but never got around to it. The changeover took under an hour so it wasn't a big deal. I have one of those plastic tubs that I store the ornaments in when they are not being used.