Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Round Robin Blocks Received

Last year I participated in a couple of Round Robins and I received all my blocks back except for my green block and my needle-case. You can see my post from 14th Oct here. Over the Christmas break they were finally returned to me.

Here is what the green block looked like before it was embroidered, it is 6 inches square.

Green base block

Now here is the block with all the beautiful embroidery on it.

Green block complete
The embroidery is beautiful and definitely worth the wait. I particularly loved the dragonfly with his beaded body.

The ribbon flowers were beautiful as well.

I had done the needle case in orange coloured silk because it's a colour I don't usually use and I thought that a small project like this was ideal for trying out different colours. Here is what the base looked like. It's not very big, from memory it is 4 x 6 inches.

Here is the embroidery on the needle case.

Once again the embroidery is lovely and it has been personalised by those couple of embroidered L's. It is not quite finished though; there are still some blank spots. I plan to finish it off and make it into the needle case so I'll post the photos when I've finished it off.

The beauty of Round Robins is that you get to see other people's embroidery up close because everyone's style is slightly different and everyone has their favourite stitches that they do well.

I have not planned to participate in any Round Robins this year because I will be concentrating on getting my crazy quilt finished.

Bye for now,


Dawn said...

Thanks for posting the before and afte shots. I love seeing the transformation and all the different tastes people have. Happy sewing

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Dawn, it's amazing how different the blocks look with some embroidery on them.