Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Sunrise Dilemma

I have started making a crazy quilt block that will depict a sunrise. I looked around for a sunset type of fabric in my stash but I wasn't really happy with any of them. After an unsuccessful painting attempt I decided to go ahead a use the best fabric I could find.

First sunrise fabric

I wasn't really happy and thought that the centre looked a bit heavy and didn't have the delicate, soft look that I was going for.

I was looking through my fabrics for something else and came across and a fabric that was much more suitable, but I had already foundation pieced my block!

I decided to change it and because I didn't want to make a new block, I unpicked the centre stitching and carefully removed the first fabric.

Centre fabric removed
You can just see the fabric that I used as a foundation underneath where I had removed the centre fabric. Then I cut out the new fabric to exactly the size I needed plus a seam allowance.

New sunrise fabric
I did add a little bit of paint to make the sunrise spread a glow a little more. Then I carefully inserted the new fabric and appliqued it in place.

New sunrise centre fabric
No one would know that it wasn't the original fabric, so I was very happy to solve that problem. I think I took the photo above before I had actually done the applique stitching.

Bye for now,


jude's page said...

looks good, will look forward to seeing what you do next

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Judy, it's coming along nicely