Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Connecting Design to Stitch- Architecture

Last month the Waverley Art Quilters were researching ways to use Architecture in an art quilt. We are using Sandra Meech's book Connecting Design to Stitch as a guide.

Architectural inspiration can be found in arches, alleyways, bridges, modern skyscrapers or sculpture.

Sandra Meech suggests that we consider reflections in windows, textures on distressed door panels or even patterns on a construction site.

I loved the photo I took of the Sydney Opera House last year but I would be more interested in making a quilt about the reflections on the water than the architecture of the building, as lovely as it is.

After going through the many photos of buildings that I have taken, I realise that I was not really interested in making a quilt with a building as a subject matter. I am more interested in the details on the building, or the gates, the ornamental tiles and wall decorations.

Here are some photos that I took in the Dunedin Railway Station in New Zealand. They could be inspiration for an applique quilt or a quilting design.

I have used Architecture as inspiration last year when I made a small quilt about Flinders Street Station. Instead of using the building, I used the clocks that are on the front of the building as a more abstract subject.

Flinders Street Station ©2014 Linda Steele
I also used the Easter Island Statues as inspiration for a small Art Quilt.

Easter Island parade © Linda Steele
I am finding the research into the various topics very interesting.

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sarah makes pictures said...

Linda, these are beautiful! I like seeing what you're creating with this deliberate influence of architectural details. Keep sharing your work!

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Sarah,
I was worried I might be boring people!