Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Material Girls

The Highway Gallery in Mt Waverley held an exhibition of textiles from around the world and named the exhibition Material Girls. The exhibition had fashion, craft, photographs and fabrics from India, China, Japan, Vietnam, Africa, Australia and Holland just to name a few.

There was a beautiful red silk hand-painted kimono from Japan.

Japanese Kimono
A beautiful embroidered jacket from China.

Perankan top from China
There were so many beautiful garments from all over the world. The gallery asked the Waverley Art Quilters if we would like to exhibit our Indian inspired quilts in the show. Here are a few that were in the exhibition.

Lois Munro

Heather Molinia

Linda Steele

Margaret Cooper

Pat Yong
It was lovely to see our art quilts on display. The exhibition is over now so I cannot suggest you go and see it. It is great to have a gallery that is interested in showcasing textiles and so
Waverley Patchworkers is very happy to support them.

Bye for now,


Robbie said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful pieces for us to enjoy and not get off the couch!

Linda Steele said...

So true Robbie, how did we manage without the internet? I love living in the modern era.