Tuesday, 3 May 2016

My 60th Birthday

Last month was a big month for me because I turned 60! I grew up in a very quiet, conservative family who didn't believe in making a big fuss about a birthday and so parties were a rare event. I decided that if I was going to turn 60 I might as well do it in a big way and I ended up with three parties.

Here are all my birthday cards and would you believe they are all different, who would have thought that there are so many 60 cards although to be fair they didn't all have 60 printed on them.

My children organised a High Tea at The Windsor Hotel for the family the day before my birthday. It was very elegant and I always love it when the entire family gets together. After we had eaten the waiter brought out a little cake for me.

Here is a photo of me with my two daughters and little granddaughter Savannah at The Windsor.

It's not a very good photo of my daughters but I am pretty sure they don't read my blog!

The next day was my actual birthday and I had a luncheon at my place for my friends. I was thrilled that two of my friends from Adelaide came over to be there, it helped make the day very special. It was so much fun to have so many people that I like all in the same room. I wish that I had have thought to take a group photo with everyone in it.

This is what the table looked like before we started eating.

That night the family came over for dinner and my daughter Bec had made me a sewing themed cake. I couldn't believe the trouble that she had gone to, it was delicious as well.

So here I am a woman in her 60's but the parties I had really helped soften the blow and made me so happy. I am so grateful that I have such a hardworking, supportive husband, four beautiful children, a dear little granddaughter and some wonderful friends. I am able to spend my time sewing and quilting and although life sends all sorts of ups and downs, I have a wonderful life.

It was a big week for us because two days later my son graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition. No more children at school, hooray!

AQC, my birthday and Cam's graduation made it a very busy week.
Bye for now,


Gina E. said...

A VERY BIG happy birthday wish, Linda! Don't fret over turning 60 - trust me, life just continues to get better, albeit slower, lol! My 50th was a bit like yours, with several parties for family and friends, then in contrast my 60th was party-free, because Ken took me to Darwin for a week to celebrate. So now I am looking forward to celebrate turning 70 in two year's time...

Linda Steele said...

Thank you Gina, I had such a lovely birthday.

jude's page said...

Happy birthday and welcome to the 60's. Glad you had great celebrations.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Jude, knowing that lots have friends have also turned 60 also helped soften the blow.

Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said...

Congratulations on your birthday - and to your son for completing his degree in music. That must be very special. Not many people study music to that level.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Wendy, Cam wants to compose music for video games

Lorraine said...

Happy Birthday girl - this year was my big one too! Looks as if you have been enjoying yourself :)

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Lorraine, Happy birthday to you as well. Now, I know why people have a party, it's fun.