Tuesday, 10 July 2018

The Archibald and Wynne Prize 2018

While I was in Sydney a couple of weeks ago I spent a day at the Sydney Art Gallery. I went to see the Lady and the Unicorn Tapestry Exhibition but the Archibald Prize and Wynne Prize exhibition was on at the same time. I couldn't believe my luck.

The Archibald Prize is an annual portrait painting competition and you must paint someone of note or an artist from life. I think there are a regulation of 2 or 3 sittings with the artist and then you can complete it at your studio.

There were a surprising amount of self-portraits on display, many saying that it is too difficult to get busy people to sit for you and people of note have been asked many times and they are not so keen to do it again. Maybe it is the selfie culture that makes self-portraits the obvious choice as well.

The winner this year was a self-portrait by Yvette Coppersmith.

Yvette Coppersmith- Self portrait, after George Lambert

My photo doesn't do it justice, the painting really glowed and I could see why it won.

Although I liked the Archibalds, I much preferred seeing the entries into the Wynne Prize, a landscape prize.

Joshua Yeldham- Bay of Sorrow- Hawkesbury River

This was a large painting but I really liked all the detail in it.

Joshua Yeldham- Bay of Sorrow detail

Nellie Coultard-Country with Acacia Wattle

Tim Storrier- At Sea (For Pamela)

Ray Ken- Sand Dune Country

This last photo was in another room in the Sulman Prize.

Gregory Hodge- Ceremony

It looks as if it is collection of papers collaged together but it is really a clever painting with shadows to make it look 3D. I took a close up photo to show that it's a flat painting but it still looks 3D!!

Gregory Hodge- Ceremony detail

I certainly enjoyed my day at the NSW Art Gallery.

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Mary said...

Thanks for sharing 🙂

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Mary, it was a wonderful time.