Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Visiting Adelaide

 I spent last week interstate in my hometown, beautiful Adelaide because I had been invited to judge the South Australian state quilt show. Adelaide was having a burst of extra warm autumn weather which was perfect for wandering around when I first arrived.

I took some photos of the pig statues in Rundle Mall.

That red spot behind them is a Covid sign warning everyone to keep 1.5m away from everybody and to keep washing your hands. That sign is not usually there, but I noticed that Adelaide had many more warning signs than we do over here in Melbourne. The differences in our airports were quite staggering. When I arrived in Adelaide there was a police presence, places to check in and sanitising stations. When I came back to Melbourne there was nothing, you wouldn't have known that there was such a thing! Amazing, when you think that we had the highest number of deaths and the longest lockdown of all the states!!

I had a little walk down memory lane and visited the magnificent Adelaide Arcade. Look at that beautiful blue sky.

Adelaide Arcade

I walked through the arcade to see where I used to do ballet many years ago.

Adelaide Arcade interior

My ballet school was upstairs and when I walked up there was no sign of the old studio.

Upstairs in Adelaide Arcade.

Now I must admit that I did ballet there over 50 years ago and it has definitely been renovated since then, but I did have a warm nostalgic feeling as I was wandering around.

I had a day off after Judging and met with my old ballet friend for lunch. Then I wandered around the South Australian Art Gallery.

I saw a Yayoi Kasuma pumpkin with her trade-mark spots.

Pumpkin by Yayoi Kasuma.

I obviously haven't got over my attraction to circles.

As I was walking through, I passed a group having a guided tour and he was speaking about a work that I probably would have ignored or thought was strange.

Twin Subjecter by Thomas Hirschhorn 2011.

It is of two women with nails all over them. The guide explained that it is about how women are constantly bombarded with advertising and opinions that they are not good enough and have to change to be perfect. Why do we do this to young girls and women? Maybe men have the same issue?

Here is a close-up detail.

Twin Subjecter by Thomas Hirschhorn detail

 Suddenly the artwork felt very important and made me promise to book into tours more often.

The Judges all had a quilt on display at the show and today my quilt arrived home. I took a smallish quilt for ease of packing and posting.

6 pack Shame by Linda Steele

Bye for now,



Magpie's Mumblings said...

The pigs made me smile, especially the one standing on his hind legs. The arcade looks so elegant - good place to have taken ballet. There's a commentary on our society in that nail statue - well done.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Magpie Mumblings, I wonder how many artworks I wander past without understanding them. I wish artworks had an artist statement the way quilts have them displayed

jude's page said...

Those nails look a bit threatening, long time since I've been in the mall

Linda Steele said...

I haven't been into the city in Melbourne for a long time either, Jude