Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Houston Mini Auction

The International Quilt Association in Houston has a silent quilt auction every year. It is an invitational event and they have asked me to participate and blog about it as well. They only expect a small quilt and all the proceeds go to IQA to help them run the Quilt Show.
I decided to make a small crazy quilted wall hanging loosely based on the Kookaburra block in my quilt, Crazy about Australia.
These are the fabrics that I got out to use. It will be a combination of blues, greens and golds.
I wanted the block to be bigger than the original block, so I drew up another design onto a piece of calico and foundation pieced the base block. The block will measure abour 12" plus a border.
This what the block looked like after I had pieced the base and fused on some of the motifs that I plan to use. They'll look much better when they are stitched.
This is the blue wren after I had stitched him and he looks much happier now.
I have to finish the quilt and have it into Houston by September 23rd, so I will have to work on it and forget my other sewing until it is finished because I have to allow two weeks for the postage from Australia to Houston.
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