Friday, 27 July 2012

Australian Tapestry Workshop

The Waverley Art Quilters go on an Excursion every year and this year we went to the
Australian Tapestry Workshop in South Melbourne. The entrance is filled with walls of tapestry wool of every colour of the rainbow. It is all available for purchase.

Tapestry Threads
We were having a private tour and were given thread charts and booklets all about Tapestry in Australia. They were formerly known as the Victorian Tapestry Workshop and they were established in 1976 but recently have renamed to be the Australian Tapestry Workshop. There are not many places in the world that makes the tapestries anymore which makes them very special.

We were told that they get the best wool from Hamilton in Victoria and use a Border Leicester/ Merino Cross wool.  The wools are dyed on the premises to an exact formula. They usually make commissions and the work is based on someone's art. We were shown how they transfer the design onto the loom and how the tapestries are made. It was a fascinating talk.
They have a lot of consultation before they start, deciding on size and colour and make many little test samples before the tapestry is started.

Test samples
After the talk we were allowed to view the weavers at work from the gallery above.
View from above
Tapestry in progress
There were some finished tapestries on display including a recent work designed by David Noonan named Untitled. This black and white tapestry looks like it has included frayed edges.
Untitled by David Noonan

It is only when you look up close you can see the incredible detail in the weaving.
Weaving detail
It was a very enjoyable and inspiring day and they have given us a booklet showing us where their tapestries are on display around Victoria. I will look at tapestries with a new appreciation now.

Here is a photo of our happy group after the tour and you can see those lovely threads behind us.
Waverley Art Quilters
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