Saturday, 14 July 2012

Stumpwork Butterfly

I have a little surprise for you today. I belong to the Southern Cross Crazy Quilters Group who are all very talented ladies with some serious embroidery skills.
One of the members is Arlene White and she has kindly put a tutorial on her blog showing how she makes her stumpwork butterfly. You can download the tutorial onto your computer for free until the end of July. Please respect her copyright by using it for your own use only.

I have only done a small amount of stumpwork because I am more of a quilter than an embroiderer and I can just imagine posting off a quilt to an exhibition and my poor stumpworked butterfly would be a crumpled mess. I do want one of Arlene's butterflies though.

I have to have a photo on the post though, so here is a photo of some butterflies from my quilt, Naturally Crazy.

These butterflies are from the North America block.

Click on the following link to see the tutorial Arlene Whites Butterfly Tutorial

Bye for now,


Lorraine said...

Beautiful stitching Linda. Wonderful butterflies. How lovely to be in a group of cq stitchers.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Lorraine, I only discovered this group earlier in the year through the CQJP 2012 and it is nice to have contact with other crazy quilters.

Little House on the Hill said...

Linda your butterflies are beautiful. I follow the CQJP blog so I can admire all the beautiful embroidery. All the members are so talented and so are you..
Cheers Pauline

Linda Steele said...

Thank you very much, Pauline. I have enjoyed doing the CQJP this year.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting..