Tuesday, 17 July 2012


We are over the halfway mark for our blocks in the Crazy Quilt Journal Project (CQJP 2012). People from all over the world are participating in this exciting event and posting their progress on the CQJP2012 blog for everyone to see.

My theme for the year is Christmas and I have featured a yummy looking Christmas pudding in my July block.

This is one of the smaller blocks in my quilt and it only measures 6" square.

Here's what the block looked like before I added the embroidery.

I think that my pudding turned out well. I used stem stitch for the pudding for some texture and used satin stitch for the icing for a smooth look. I added a few straight stitches in black to look like dried fruit.

Pudding © 2012 Linda Steele

In the bottom right hand corner, I did a scallop with back stitch and covered it with some detached blanket stitches. It gives a thicker garland band that I think looks really effective.

Detached blanket stitch
I am glad that I chose to join the project this year, it has been a nice  focus in a very busy year so far. It also means that I always have some hand stitching ready to do when I am sitting in front of the television.

Bye for now,


Lorraine said...

Lovely stitching Linda. I can taste the brandy sauce on the pudding!!

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Lorraine, I was happy with it.