Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Deborah Halpern

Last month the Waverley Art Quilters were studying Australian artist Deborah Halpern. Deb was born in 1957 and is a sculptor, print maker and painter. She designs colourful, whimsical, mosaic work and the shapes are usually outlined in black.

When I was researching Deborah Halpern, I was surprised that I had seen her work in the city for years but never made the time to find out what they were or who made them. I also found that her parents were part of the founding group of Potters Cottage in Warrandyte, the suburb next to mine! Potters Cottage began as a Pottery studio and then they added a gallery and finally a restaurant as well. I have been to that restaurant a number of times over the years! Potters Cottage is now a wedding venue.

If you click on her name you can see some of her work. I used to see Angel outside the art gallery in Melbourne for years and it has since been restored and is across the road from the art gallery at Birrarung Marr. I am going into the city in a couple of weeks and so I will make sure to visit the sculpture.

I was making my quilt inspired by Deb Halpern just before Showcase because it was my only window of free time. I drew up a funny face on some paper, found some bright fabrics that I had bought last year and madly cut and fused without trying to over-think the process.

It's pretty out there and wild for me! I have actually called it Showcase 2019 because that was how I was feeling in the weeks before Showcase. Even my hair is in shock (and a different colour), but notice that I am still smiling!!

It's a bit of fun but the wonderful thing about our Art Quilters group is how we are learning about all these wonderful artists that I wouldn't take the time to research otherwise.

A couple of months ago I did a small art quilt inspired by our group's study of Yayoi Kasuma, but I was never quite happy with my result. You can see the blog post here.

original Kasuma

Anyway, I was adding the binding and on the spur of the moment I added some white dots and I loved having more contrast and am much happier with it now.

Kasuma Finished

Bye for now,


Robbie said...

"Linda" is adorable!!!! and I love the end results of your Kasuma piece!

Linda Steele said...

Thanks Robbie, it is certainly something different for me but faces don't seem so scary to make now!

Gina E. said...

It's a small world Linda. When I was working in Home Care for the council 12 years ago, Deborah's mother was one of my clients. She still did a lot of her own ceramic artwork and she gave me one of her lovely plates for Christmas one year. I met Deborah a couple of times, she was lovely - very friendly.

Linda Steele said...

It is a small world, Gina. How lucky to receive one of their plates.