Tuesday, 6 May 2014

New Threads

I have received lots of new embroidery threads in the mail. Do I need new embroidery threads? Of course not, but who can resist?
Actually I didn't seek them out myself but Viv, one of the Southern Cross Crazies had been to a shop in Western Australia where she lives and found that that they were selling out of all their stock of embroidery threads at a really cheap price. I can't remember what type of shop it was but it was nothing to do with patchwork or embroidery and they had been tucked away at the back of the shop.

Viv sent us the colour charts for all the threads and ribbon and we made our choices. They are all the House of Embroidery brand which are hand dyed variegated threads and ribbons from South Africa. It was very exciting when they arrived.

Pearl 8 Thread
Silk Thread
Silk Ribbon
The postage wasn't quite as much as Viv had quoted and so she gave us some extra supplies to make up for it. Fabric of every colour and type that is perfect for crazy quilting.
Viv must have an amazing amount of supplies because she said that they didn't make a dent in hers. She was far too generous and I felt very lucky to have received so much.

They have come at a good time for me because I have just started a new crazy quilt and these new threads will be very inspiring.
 The Pearl 8 threads can be hard to find but I know of an online source. Lorraine hand dyes them herself and I haven't used them myself yet but one of the Southern Cross Crazies said that they were beautiful threads. The shop is called Colour Complements, I recommend that you have a look; they look so luscious to me.

I had better get onto my embroidery or my new quilt will never get finished.

Bye for now,


Gina E. said...

Nobody could resist adding all that to their stash! What a fantastic lot of threads to play with...not to mention the laces and beads :-)

Lorraine said...

Christmas in a BIG box by the looks of things! Wow, what a treat AND the fabrics too - FANTASTIC! Thanks so much Linda for mentioning my site - very much appreciated! How many members are in your Southern Cross Crazies group?

Wendy said...

Wow, what a lot of new supplies. I bet you're itching to get started on something new now. I'm sure you will turn them into something beautiful.

Linda Steele said...

Thanks for your comments Gina, Lorraine and Wendy. It was inspiring to receive some new threads and supplies, now I have to fit them in with all the others.

Linda Steele said...

There are apparently 91 members of the Southern Cross Crazies, but we usually only hear from about 20 of them, the others must be lurkers.